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sunset on the haor

sunset on the haor

A river is a gift of nature, a thing of mystic beauty that distributes its bounty as it flows to the sea. It nourishes humans, animals and plants alike. Countless civilisations have flourished along the course of rivers.

Millions of people worldwide are facing serious threats to their livelihoods and cultures due to large dams. Intended to boost development, these projects have instead resulted in further impoverishment, degraded environments and human rights violations. An estimated 40–80 million people have been forcibly evicted from their lands to make way for dams. These people have often been left economically, culturally and psychologically devastated.


In addition to huge social and environmental impacts, dams often fail to meet projected benefits. In November 2000, the World Commission on Dams (WCD) released a highly critical report showing that dams have on the whole generated less power, irrigated less land and supplied less drinking water than projected, while costing significantly more than expected. While dams can prevent some floods from occurring, the WCD found that they can also worsen damages suffered when floods do occur.

Scientifc studies of large dams worldwide have show that they cause: disrupted water & sediment flows, reduced biodiversity, suffering of communities due to poor water quality, lower crop & fish production, block fish migration, generate detrimental greenhouse gases, displace a huge population, trigger earthquakes etc.

Better options for meeting energy, water and flood management needs exist.

We owe it to future generations to let rivers run free!



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